Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. When should I turn my fridge off?

Great news is that most fridges are frost free so unlike older fridges, only 1 hour before moving is recommended. If you are not sure, chat to our team and we will assist you further. 


2. How do you protect my TV?

We have the most modern professional equipment so that you can rest assured you TV will be moved safely. 


3. Should I empty my drawers?

We do recommend emptying your drawers prior to moving as they are not designed to be full when moved. 


4. How do I protect my  pictures/frames?

If your pictures / frames fit into boxes then we advise prepackaging them in protection such as blankets / bubble wrap prior to moving. If the pictures / frames are too big to pack, we will pack them the same as your TV.

5. How do you treat property settlements?

Our team will make sure you are out of your home prior to cutoff time for settlement (usually 2pm) and move you straight into your new property as soon as you get the keys. 


6. How long does the moving process take?

As every removal is different we would recommend calling our offices to find out 07 5554 5555.


7. Can you help with lift access? 

We deal with lifts on a regular basis. We advise just letting your management know when you are moving in / out. We will handle the rest!


8. Will all my stuff fit?

We have a variety of vehicles so that your whole removal is done in one day. 


1. What can’t I store?

No paint, flammables and gas bottles.


2. Do you have security?

We have a gated complex with the highest security storage – 24 hour alarmed motion detectors, Flood Lights and CCTV.


3. What storage periods do you offer? 

From as little as one weak to long term from Months or Years. 


4. Where are you located?

Our storage facility is located with our managed office at 14 Taree Street, Burleigh Heads.


5. What if I need access to my goods?

Access is no issue at all. Simply contact our dedicated team to setup time to come through and access. We have equipment readily on hand (eg. Forklift, trolleys or skates) to make your collection as easy as possible. 


6. Do you store goods on Pallets for Commercial items?

Yes of course we can


8. How big are your storage areas?

We have a range of different sized areas to fit your needs. From storing 2 items to hundreds of items, we have you covered.


9. Do you store cars, boats or caravans?

Yes absolutely!