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Lowest Price Removals & Storage are big on a fast, professional and friendly service at a low affordable price. Our experienced removalists will move you quickly & professionally! This allows us to stick to your budget without sacrificing quality. We assure a pleasant moving experience for everyone, small to large removals. Not only can we move you, we can also store anything you may need storing locally, on the Gold Coast. We offer the complete storage facilities for all and everything you may need storing. If you are looking for cheap removalists or storage short and long term on the Gold Coast then  Contact Lowest Price Removals & Storage today.

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Lowest Price Removals has over 50 years experience moving, packing and storing on the Gold Coast. Our team of honest, friendly & fast staff are ready to move, resulting in an efficient and economical removal service in all Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. House, apartment or office, we take the stress out of moving.

Friendly & Experienced Team

We are a family owned and operated business, so you can be sure that when you are dealing with us, you are dealing with the owners of the business. All of your inquiries will be dealt with with the utmost profession. Our impressive track record and thousands of satisfied customers are proof we are the best around.

Secure Gold Coast Storage

We provide afforable secure storage solutions for all requirements, from your home furniture, office records, equipment, distributors’ goods, surplus stock, cars, household goods, caravans and even boats. We care about making sure all your storage needs are completely met. We will customise a plan that meets your budget and your moving needs.

Boxes & Packing Materials

We are a one stop removal company, we offer both the professional products and services to ensure your belongings are kept safe during transit from one premises to another. Choose from our extensive range of packing materials, from removal cartons, packaging tape, no-wash butchers paper and Port-a-robes on request.
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We are Gold Coast Storage And Removals Experts. Cheap Removalists Gold Coast Services.

Over 50 years moving the Coast.

We offer cheap removalists & storage solutions on the Gold Coast.

For you to have found our page, you must be looking for either a moving or removalist service. Don’t worry if you have dozens even hundreds of valuable to you items at your place, which are waiting to be shipped. With our decades of experience, we completely understand the situation you are in, and you could not have found a better match for your needs.

We take into consideration your busy schedules and understand the importance of protection to your belongings during the transport. Fully aware of the sentiment your items hold, they cannot be exchanged for even brand new products, that is why we ensure a safe travel at any cost.

Importance of Quality Service Infrastructure

Our fleet of specifically designed for the task vehicles enable us to deliver our service to a wide range of customers and carry out their requirements as originally agreed upon. Deep understanding of the process of moving is essential to delivering good service, even the slightest disposition of an item could lead to damage or even its destruction when it comes to fragile items. That’s why we prepare the items with the utmost supervision and care using corrugated boxes, different types of foil while our hands are covered with disposable gloves to ensure the purity of your items. Our aim is to transport the goods in such a manner that when they come out of the boxes and packaging, their condition is pristine and they are as if they were never moved from their original location.

Strict but Impressive Quality Standards

In order to be a successful Removalist, the job requires a certain mindset and belief in the quality of the service. We are respected by our competitors for the attention of detail we provide as well as our adherence to providing high-quality service following strict standards in Removal Science.

Our customers are left with the sense of delight after their belongings arrive at the specific new location due to our ability to make the process as smooth as possible. We handle each job with the courtesy it deserves regardless of its size. No job is too big or too small for our team of competent professionals, which take pride in their work.  Our staffs are trained to approach each task with equal dedication and importance.

Providing as Cheap Prices as Possible

The competitive environment in our business field allows us to shine among others. We let our excellent service, however, speak for itself which allows us to cut our advertising budget and therefore provide even cheaper prices compared to others. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to review our company and check testimonials from previous customers.  We would be happy to provide any further info as long as you reach our support staff in the telephones we have given. Reach to us now to get a free estimate.

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